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Folders Within Folders

Interior Designers look great and save time creating Storyboards and Finish Schedules in seconds
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See Your Spaces

Luuma organizes for you. Never create another folder or worry where to put things. Everything's in 'spaces' right in plain view. No more fumbling through. You'll feel good and look great with some extra polish.

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Find Your Info

Photos, selections and choices, for the items you add, are intuitively where you’d expect in their space. Tap on your ‘Living Room’ to see what’s inside. It’s simple to do and synced on all your devices.

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Make Your Work Shine

Digitally present on any on device with no prep required. Pull professional storyboards and finish schedules together in seconds. You'll save hours and hours getting your work out every week compared to the old ways!! It’s fun, fast and easy to be free!

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